Zanzibar Bora

Our Mission:

Community Empowerment for Development.

We believe that sustainable change is realised with and by the community itself. We empower the people of Zanzibar to help themselves.


“Many small people, who in many small places do many small things can alter the face of the world.”

African Proverb


Our Mission

As a non-governmental organisation we serve as a community advocate. Through education and support we enable the most disadvantaged people in Zanzibar to help themselves and better their lives.


Our Projects

We aim to strengthen the local communities and to help overcome poverty in Zanzibar through action at the grassroots level. Seeking sustainable community development we empower individuals and groups of people to take collective action and generate change. Many different factors come into play achieving this goal.



Waste and pollution are major problems in Zanzibar. We want to change that! The environment is essential for our health and quality of life. Nature is a precious good we need to conserve for the benefit of our future.


Communities need the tools and resources to effectively govern themselves, solve problems, create opportunities and to grow and progress. Knowledge transfer and acquisition of skills empower the people to improve conditions for themselves and others.


Knowledge is power! Information is liberating and education is the basis of progress, in every society, in every family. We work tirelessly to open up perspectives for the most disadvantaged people in Zanzibar.


Many preventable illnesses are still common in Zanzibar. Through Public health promotion we raise awareness about endemic and civilisatory diseases and associated risk factors. This enables people to take better care of their personal and  families' health.


Our Impact

The NGO was initially established in 2012 as Glitters Volunteer Group to improve the environmental conditions in Zanzibar. Our dedicated team started with daily cleaning at the central market and public areas of Zanzibar Town. Since then we have continuously expanded our activities. In 2017 Zanzibar Bora was born.



Years Serving the comMunitY

Having started with cleaning services in urban Zanzibar, we have expanded our activities to numerous community development projects.



Volunteer Supporters

We achieve our goals with the help of many dedicated local and international volunteers.



Tons of Waste Collected

...and still going strong! We continuously fight to improve the environmental and health conditions in Zanzibar Town.


Get Involved

There are countless ways to support our work. By helping out on site in our local communities, by spreading the word and raising awareness about what we do, by providing financial assistance to one of our projects— or simply come up with your own creative idea. We are always looking for helping hands.


Volunteer opportunities

Anyone can make a difference. See how you can contribute your time, skills and passion to be part of the change.

Make a Donation

Everything counts — we achieve a lot with very little. Your donation has an immediate impact on our ability to act.