Zanzibar Bora

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Make life-changing experiences working with the local community of Zanzibar. Get involved in one of our projects and experience the inspiring culture and people of this tropical island. 

We believe that it is important to work together with different stakeholders to implement sustainable changes for the community. Cooperation and knowledge exchange are fundamental drivers of our successes. Volunteers support us to develop and realise our projects, sharing their time, skills and knowledge with us.

A professional background is not mandatory to be part of our projects. Different talents are highly appreciated and valuable resources. Volunteer assignments depend on our current activities as well as individual commitment and skills. Flexibility, creativity and an open mind are essential for a fruitful exchange with the local people.

If you are interested to join our team, just fill out the application form below. The information helps us to get a first impression of you and how you can support our work. We will get in touch to plan and prepare your individual volunteer experience in Zanzibar!