Zanzibar Bora

Our Philosophy

We saw the need to change problems within our community and took action. This was and is a grassroots movement. The true problems and daily issues of the people are front and center of our work. We understand and address the people's needs to generate change from within the community.

After initial successes of the NGO, established by founder Mohamed and his local colleagues, the team was joined by their first international member Isabel. She conducted research on waste management in Zanzibar for her master thesis on public health. Ever since, our growing team continually fights for improvements in education, environment and health at the community level. After all, Zanzibar Bora literally means: A Better Zanzibar.


A dream come true

"With the community and supporters from all over the globe we help the most disadvantaged people in Zanzibar. Together we can make change happen."

— Isabel and Mohamed, Founders of Zanzibar Bora


With the help of many people, we achieve a lot with very little. Just 50 EUR, for example, covers a whole year's tuition for a child with our school project. The same amount allows a health education class for a group of 30 adults to take place. We invest in the people for a better tomorrow: for them, their families and the community.